Quantum Consulting Accountants are a small group of highly qualified and talented Chartered Accountants and Consultants. Our goal is to help our clients to run their businesses more efficiently with less effort, higher profits and lower costs. In the process our clients will generally provide their customers with ever improving products and services, as maximising the service and quality to the customers is ultimately in the best interests of our clients. To this end we offer a range of services, notably:

Business Sale – This service is very different to the standard service offered by many others offering to help you to sell your business. Most services simply list your business for sale with various web sites, or advertise in the trade press, or ask for a list of your competitors who they then speak to. A true Business Sale service is so much more and would probably achieve a Sales Price for your business of double that which the other standard services would achieve. We would welcome talking to Business Owners and Directors, or inviting you to a free seminar after you have spoken to others.

Business Health Check – We will provide a review of your business using our skills across Business, Taxation and IT to identify areas of your business that could be more profitable. These services are available either on a fixed fee basis or in some cases on the basis of a percentage of increased profits.

Business Funding – The sourcing and negotiation of Grants, Equity funding mainly through EIS and VCT arrangements, Bank loans and other business finance from third parties. These services would be charged either on an hourly fee basis or as a percentage of the funds raised.

Chartered Accountancy & Taxation Services – We provide a range of traditional Accountancy and Taxation services to support Finance Directors and Managing Directors, including where appropriate the use of taxation and other specialists. We would seek to work as business partners alongside the directors/owners of the organisation, providing whatever support you need with your business. These services would normally be charged on an hourly or daily fee basis, however certain taxation services could be made available on the basis of a percentage of the saved taxes. We also offer fixed monthly fee Payroll Services.

Finance & Strategy Seminars Workshops – These Seminars/Workshops are run directly by Quantum and on behalf of the Chartered Management Institute, the Institute of Consulting and several other bodies. It will provide essential knowledge of the key financial management issues and concepts critical to the success Chief Executives, Chairs, Non-Executive Directors, Sales Directors, Marketing Directors, Procurement Directors, Non-Executive Directors, Finance Directors, Senior Consultants, Director Designates and Senior Executives looking for their first Directorship.