Quantum Consulting Accountants

Quantum Consulting Accountants are a small group of highly qualified and talented Chartered Accountants and Management Consultants. We help clients to grow their businesses more effectively with less effort, leading to faster growth, higher profits and their customers better products and higher quality services.

Our high professional standards and rigorous methodologies are evidenced by the fact that we are a fully authorised and registered practice with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales, ICAEW. Only practising member firms, fully compliant with the high professional standards of the ICAEW may use the ICAEW logo. We are fully committed to providing excellence of service and value to our clients.

FD On Call Services

A service for organisations that need the expertise of a Financial Director now, with extensive financial board director experience; but do not need a full time Financial Director today. This is a cost effective way of immediately securing the benefits of a full time Financial Director, but only paying for exactly the amount of help and advice time that you need today.

Equity Funding – New Share Capital

For amounts ranging from £50,000 up to £4 million of New Equity Funding through the issue of new Share Capital. These services are available either on a fixed fee basis or on the basis of a percentage of the new money raised

NED Xchange

A free service for client companies that require a Non-Executive Director and at the same time are prepared to provide a NED to another organisation. Additional Professional Services:

  • IT Director on Call
  • Company Exits
  • Company Acquisitions
  • Managment Consulting
  • MBO's and EOT's
  • Board Evaluations
  • Board Benchmarking
  • Strategy Consultants